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Darth Vader (2015) 1-6

This week Lee and Dan are taking a look at issues 1-6 of the 2015 Star Wars comic: Darth Vader – written by Kieron Gillen.

If you want to read the comics along with the guys then you can find the Darth Vader comics over on Marvel Unlimited – starting with issue one here:

Darth Vader (2015) Issue 1

As well as Star Wars and Darth Vader Lee and Dan also talk about the Marvel TV Netflix shows and also toilet discos.

Next week sees a return to the colors series as we read Daredevil Yellow (2001) issues 1-6 written by Jeph Leob and art by Tim Sale.  Should you want to read the series then you can find the first issue on Marvel Unlimited here:

Daredevil Yellow issue 1

You can find out more about Lee and Dan’s Marvel Unlimited Book Club on their website:, on their facebook group:

You can follow Lee on twitter @leesargent and Dan on twitter @dghughes28

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