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Issue Zero

Exciting news!  Lee and Dan are back!!

Now granted this might only be exciting if you know who Lee and Dan are, which narrows down the population quite a bit.  In fact, it’ll only be exciting if you both know who Lee and Dan are AND have enjoyed what they have done together previously – which basically narrows things down to about three people who really should know better.

But excitement or not, Lee and Dan are back in a brand new podcast where they read some critically acclaimed Marvel comics and then talk about them for a bit. 

In episode zero of the podcast Lee and Dan talk about the concept of the new show, what they have been up to since they last podcasted together, and the perils of attending a superhero themed wedding.

In the next episode of Lee and Dan’s Marvel Unlimited Book Club they guys will be actually reading some comics.  Namely Hulk Grey – issues 1-6, written by Jeph Loeb and art by Tim Sale.  If you want to red along too then that would be absolutely fantastic.  Here are the links to the comic in case you have access to Marvel Unlimited:

Hulk Grey: Issue 1

Hulk Grey: Issue 2

Hulk Grey: Issue 3

Hulk Grey: Issue 4

Hulk Grey: Issue 5

Hulk Grey: Issue 6

You can find out more about Lee and Dan’s Marvel Unlimited Book Club on their website:, on their facebook group:, or on twitter: @leanddan1 

You can follow Lee on twitter @leesargent and Dan on twitter @dghughes28

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