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Marvels (1994) 1-4

In this episode of Lee and Dan’s (unofficial) Marvel Unlimited Book Club, the guys take a look at the classic comic Marvels – written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Alex Ross

If you want to read the comics along with the guys then you can find the Mavels comics over on Marvel Unlimited – starting with issue one here:

Marvels issue 1

As well as Marvels Lee and Dan also discuss the dentist, pharmacists, and the upcoming Titans TV show.

Next episode the guys will be taking a look at Infinity Crusade – written by Jim Starlin .

If you’d like to read the comic book on Marvel Unlimited you can start with issue one here:

Infinity Crusade 1

You can find out more about Lee and Dan’s Marvel Unlimited Book Club on their website:, on their facebook group:

You can follow Lee on twitter @leesargent and Dan on twitter @dghughes28

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