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Secret podcast – Lee Cheats on Dan with Arjan

Since the Lee and Dan show is a fortnightly podcast I spend at least half my time each fortnight wistfully pining for Dan. And since Dan is already so busy with THAT other podcast (trollop) I have decided to cheat on Dan behind his back.

This is a secret podcast, he doesn’t know about it and since he has no need to visit this website he shouldn’t see it unless one of you blabs to him!

So keep your cake holes shut!

My first liaison is with Arjan Beens, a long time friend to the podcast (the betrayal is deep) and dutch ninja. We talk about all manner of things Warhammer and we quickly discover that if given the chance Arjan would rob banks and Games Workshops.

The podcast was recorded very VERY early one morning and the set up was all wrong so I couldn’t really hear Arjan so when I say excuse me I’m not picking on his ridiculous accent I actually just couldn’t hear him.

With the theme of the Lee and Dan Show being to do everything counter-intuitively I will not be promoting this podcast on social media (where Dan might see it anyway) and am leaving it up to you to whisper its existence in darkened corners and long alley ways.

Like seriously though, don’t tell Dan. We want to see how long we can carry on under his nose.

If you’d like to cheat on Dan with me go fill out this form and think about your life choices.

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