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The wrong end of the stick

It’s New Years Day and many podcasters have made resolutions to improve the quality and relevance of their podcasts. Not Lee and Dan though – they are still talking the same old claptrap and expecting you to listen to it.

So THRILL at the tales of Lee’s piloting incompetence. Marvel at the stories of washing up gloves and broken dishwashers. And gasp in amazement at Dan’s recounting of the legend of Byron’s stick.

Or just skip the episode instead, either way, is fine by us but do us a favour and at least lie to your friends about how good it is.

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  1. Arjan Arjan

    The coolest instruction video I used from youtube was an instruction on how to replace the screen on a specific laptop. I cracked the screen (the how is a story on itself…) but I managed to order a screen from ebay and replace the cracked one. It still works today, pretty proud on that one.

    I did have a none-flushing experience a couple of times (the best one was not at a friends’ place).. but then again, our toilets are probably different than most others. Not in a Japanese-toilet-different kinda way…
    Finding a picture of a similar toiletbowl on google turned out to be virtually impossible without knowing what it’s named…had to find that out in the first place. I present you a Dutch ‘dish-toilet’. Since my girlfriend wasn’t at home she couldn’t take a picture of ours…but her parents knew the name (awkward conversation probably)
    So instead of a sploosh where the water comes back up touching your butt, your dung lands safely on the dish part. Problem is when it’s too big to flush in one time 😛

    Also a fun Q&A via whatsapp….hey would you mind taking a picture of our toiletbowl and send it to me?…never you mind why I ask…
    I used a 5L bucket of water to make it flush…no stick.

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